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The International Entrepreneur – Localizing Websites for International Markets

“SmartCodeSoftware” Company was like many other firms that evolved into international markets. They started with a few international clients that found the company through industry trade shows and online. Then international representatives offered their services to the company. The company created a distributor network. When the company started to uncover its international market potential, they […]

The International Entrepreneur – Structuring Your Website for International Markets

  In today’s business world, a website is your company’s front door. And with few exceptions, effective search engine optimization (SEO) and a well-branded experience are the difference between long-term success and bankruptcy. Managing the transition of a website into international markets can be crucial. Most companies initially set up their websites in one of […]

The International Entrepreneur – Getting Started with Internationalizing Your Website

Taking your company international is often a business milestone. To do it right, it takes research and planning. It often is a long-term growth accelerator. But skip the planning; you could be either wasting resources or worse – damaging your company’s brands and bottom line. As part of international, it’s time to plan out your […]

The International Entrepreneur – 3 Ideas for Building Rapport with International Contacts

Have you ever been working with an international partner or client and suddenly found yourself in an unexpected conflict? This often happens in cross-cultural communications. It can lead to awkwardness and strain in the business relationship. This happened to me last year when working with a team of Chinese business professionals. Unfortunately I couldn’t directly […]

The International Entrepreneur – Startup Stage Planning for International Expansion

Recently I presented and mentored at the Phoenix Startup Week, where I met many technology entrepreneurs. While most companies start expanding into international markets as part of their growth stage, there are many reasons why even the earliest startup stage company should begin planning for international as early as possible. Start With the End in Mind […]

The International Entrepreneur – What’s Your Status?

When I was in my MBA program, I had the opportunity to work for the International Business Department Head and director of my academic program. It was a coveted position and most of the 200 international business students wanted it. I was also the only non-Asian student to land the position. You see, my boss […]