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The International Entrepreneur – Leadership in International Teams

The American department leader stands up to give his opening remarks to the department’s new fiscal year. He confidently strides to the front of the room. His staff has been flown in from around the world to develop a sense of unity with the company headquarters and to energize the staff for the coming year’s […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Mistakes to Avoid in International Customer Service

This month’s theme is International Customer Service. As small and medium-sized companies continue to internationalize, post-sale service will become even more important to these companies’ reputation and build long-term value. Here are some key mistakes to avoid in your international customer service… 1. Switching Language for Support Business-to-business buyers normally prefer to receive all correspondence […]

The International Entrepreneur – A Twist on Offshoring: Interview with Patrick Linton

  This week I caught up with international entrepreneur, Patrick Linton. Two years ago Patrick co-founded Bolton Remote, an interesting off-shoring service for small and medium sized companies. The rules of international business keep evolving. Read on to find out more… Patrick, would you explain for our readers the business model behind Bolton Remote? How is […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Tips for Improving International Customer Service

The products have been conceived, developed and commercialized. Marketing has identified potential clients, sales closed the deals and accounts receivable has collected payments. Now is when we reach the moment (or moments) of truth as service takes over the core customer relationship and responsibilities. Customer service for clients around the world has never been as […]

The International Entrepreneur – Global Entrepreneurship Thrives in MNCs: An Interview with Greg Gustafson of IBM

Normally we think of entrepreneurs as those who create start-ups and fast-growing young companies. We expect entrepreneurs to be creative, determined, and focused on reaching lofty goals. So what happens when one of the world’s largest technology companies, IBM, incorporates entrepreneurial concepts and encourages innovation and risk-taking? The result is “International Intrapreneurship”, taking entrepreneurship and […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Smart Ideas for Protecting IP in International Markets

How important is your intellectual property – your company and brand names, creative outputs, inventions and trade secrets? Most company leaders consider these aspects to be the most critical for long-term success. I have also heard many business leaders shy away from international expansion because of IP theft fears. To be clear – any valuable […]