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The International Entrepreneur – Startup Stage Planning for International Expansion

Recently I presented and mentored at the Phoenix Startup Week, where I met many technology entrepreneurs. While most companies start expanding into international markets as part of their growth stage, there are many reasons why even the earliest startup stage company should begin planning for international as early as possible. Start With the End in Mind […]

The International Entrepreneur – What’s Your Status?

When I was in my MBA program, I had the opportunity to work for the International Business Department Head and director of my academic program. It was a coveted position and most of the 200 international business students wanted it. I was also the only non-Asian student to land the position. You see, my boss […]

Upcoming Webcast: Upgrade Your IP Protection Strategy for Global Markets

On Thursday, March 12th 2:00-3:00pm ESTI will be leading a webcast for technology companies about the #1 issue I find from tech companies who avoid some or all international markets: protecting their intellectual property. I will be joined by Bryan Walker, JD, a Patent Attorney with MacDonald Illig Attorneys. The webcast is sponsored by top […]

The International Entrepreneur – An Interview with Christian Spaltenstein of AFEX

This week I am pleased to share an interview of Christian Spaltenstein, General Manager-Americas from AFEX. Foreign exchange and risk management are strategic factors in doing international business. As an expert in these areas, Christian had much to share. Christian, based on what you’ve seen what are some of the biggest misconceptions that companies have […]

The International Entrepreneur – Leadership in International Teams

The American department leader stands up to give his opening remarks to the department’s new fiscal year. He confidently strides to the front of the room. His staff has been flown in from around the world to develop a sense of unity with the company headquarters and to energize the staff for the coming year’s […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Mistakes to Avoid in International Customer Service

This month’s theme is International Customer Service. As small and medium-sized companies continue to internationalize, post-sale service will become even more important to these companies’ reputation and build long-term value. Here are some key mistakes to avoid in your international customer service… 1. Switching Language for Support Business-to-business buyers normally prefer to receive all correspondence […]