Becky DeStigter, International EntrepreneurResults-Focused Global Strategic Marketing 


My name is Becky Park and I am a marketing and operations leader focused on growing business-to-business technology companies, with a proven ability to deliver strong results. I am currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager in Experian’s Global Decision Analytics team. My background is a mix of corporate in-house roles, business consulting and entrepreneurial ventures. After 20+ years in my field, I have learned to be a globally-minded creative problem solver bringing energy and inspiration to colleagues and clients. Here is what I bring to any role:


International business expansion

Strategic marketing and operations planning

Market research, analysis and insights

Strategic Global Marketing

International Business Development

Global commercialization planning

Executive Business Consulting

International Product Marketing

Cross-Functional Project Management

Executive-Level Presentation Skills

Cross-Cultural Team Leadership

Examples of my past projects:


In Marketing


CMO-Level Strategic Marketing and Operations Planning

International specialty engineering firm, Colorado

Project: To outperform the major competitor, except on a tighter budget and with less staff resources. This included analyzing existing market data, as well as identifying new actionable data sources, planning for future staffing and developing a new sales funnel process.

Results: Suggestions on marketing, business development and staffing were implemented and the company is closing the gap on their competitor that was once 4-fold wide


Established a Cross-Departmental New Product Marketing Function

International online scheduling SaaS company focused on several B2B markets, Arizona

Project: Established a new product marketing function including product communications, market research & value proposition development. Created new enterprise sales materials centered around Proactive Selling. Led a cross-functional team, forging solid relationships with key internal stakeholders. Analyzed competitive data from disparate sources.

Results: Company was able to move from a “Chinese Fire Drill” style to a streamlined, professional new product roll out. Built a new process for easy competitive data collection & delivered actionable insights.


Thought Leadership Campaign to Drive First-Mover Advantage

SaaS startup providing a business productivity platform, Ohio

Project: Developed a Thought Leadership Campaign and co-developed the company’s marketing strategy.

Result: Improved product value proposition shared with the sales team and the rest of the company


Competitive Intelligence Research Study

Large third party administrator of healthcare insurance, Ohio

Project: Created competitive intelligence baseline with 1,000+ referenced data points and full analysis of competitive products in third party administrator market

Results: Actionable intelligence well received and a Vice President of Marketing position was offered.


Marketing Strategy Consultant

Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm, California, Ohio and Colorado

Company: I successfully founded and operated my own consulting firm for six years that focused on professional service clients like law firms and subject-matter experts, as well as technology clients like web design firms.

Results: Grew the company to 10 active clients, 6 subcontractors and 1.5 employees. Closed the company to move cross country and start business graduate school.


In Business Development and Strategic Partnerships


Business Development Program Development

International online scheduling SaaS company focused on several B2B markets, Arizona

Project: Created an Enterprise Business Development Program in the North American education market, including market research and developed a clear value proposition

Results: Developed 10 enterprise software leads in less than 4 months using inside sales skills

In addition: Discovered & planned penetration in the global diplomacy market (value: US$24 million)


Strategic Partnerships Director

SaaS company working to become the “” for investors and entrepreneurs, Colorado

Project: Together with the VP Client Services, forged strategic relationships with Israeli and South American partners, including negotiations.

Results: Unfortunately, the company founder decided to go in another direction and strategic relationships were all lost.


In Company-Wide Operations


Interim COO focused on leading Series A Round

International stem cell industry company, Colorado

Project: Responsible for actively pursue outside investors for Round A funding, business operational planning and process improvement efforts. P&L development and accountability.

Results: Shifted marketing from product focus to better market segmentation and engagement. Created multi-year operating and financial plans that were well-received by venture capitalists. Worked to establish a company board of directors and recruit appropriate board members.


On the lighter side, I’m a self-professed language junkie – speaking various levels of Dutch, Spanish, German, Chinese and English. I am currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, with the flexibility to travel or move for projects both in the United States and around the world. When not working, I enjoy camping, traveling and competing in Scottish Highlander games.