Here are what clients and colleagues say about The International Entrepreneur:

Becky DeStigter testimonials


Bob Fallbeck, Marketing & Sales Director for CPP Wind Engineering Consultants

“We first engaged Becky’s services during a crucial period of change in our organization. Becky provided strategic and tactical insights for our marketing and business development functions that really helped us sort the signal from the noise. With her help, we identified processes and metrics that matched our resources and company culture. Instead of being a swoop-in, swoop-out consultant with a set of canned solutions, Becky spent the time to understand our business, our markets, our culture, and our goals in order to deliver valuable and actionable recommendations. She also provided a great sounding board for my own ideas. Becky is a direct communicator, naturally curious and open to ideas, and simply fun to work with. I look forward to doing so again soon.”


Paul Blankert, EMEA Sales & Marketing Director, an American Company

“I know Becky as an inspiring and creative person, who is open minded and always enthusiastic. She is really interested in other countries and cultures and easily adapts to these. I was glad to share new marketing strategy views with her, which helped me improving my business in Central Europe.”


Jamie Winger, MBA, Sales Director for HemoGenix, Inc.

“I highly recommend Becky Park as someone with strong professionalism and who adds value to every project. I met Becky at an event where she presented an exciting, complex technology company to potential investors. Becky has the ability to save time and money by focusing on strategy, thereby aligning expectations and projects with company goals. She understands which resources are required to execute strategy successfully and works with the team to determine alternatives if resources are scarce. Becky is able to assemble a diverse team and keep them focused on the overall project goals. Finally, if I could sum up in a few words my experience with Becky, they would be: Integrity, Resourcefulness and Skill. I am positive that any organization working with Becky would not be disappointed. Her initiative and drive will bring success.”


Michael Black, CEO, Hong Tu China Business Services

“Our business has grown directly due to Becky’s expertise and services. In fact, in some ways her services have been free because they have paid for themselves with new business acquisition. I walk away from every value packed meeting with a deeper understanding of how to maintain and grow my business. She also gives me a long list of goals to follow up on. I particularly appreciate Becky’s ability and willingness to cater her services to our needs and budget. Based on our current situation, she takes on specific roles and projects or simply advises me about next steps to grow our business.”


Dave Sherman, Marketing and Sales Resource to AppointmentPlus

“I had the good fortune of working with Becky and it was a pure joy. She is smart, innovative, a great communicator and really knows her stuff. Becky poured her energy into figuring out how to proactively market the company’s offerings and build an enterprise account pipeline for them. Plus, she has a great sense of humor. I believe she would be a tremendous asset for any company.”


Linda Hughes, CEO of Entrepreneur Community Online, LLC

“I was the Chief Operating Officer of the 2010 Angel Capital Summit at the same time that Becky was the Chief Operating Officer of the Business Catapult. The Summit runs off the software of the Business Catapult. In other words, it took both parts to actually pull off this event. My experience with Becky is that she is very quick – can read situations quickly, respond to them quickly, reach resolution quickly. In every problem/solution set she uses a very practical, no nonsense discovery process and comes up with some unique, out of the box solutions. And then she was always willing and able to either implement directly or supervise/mentor others to do the same. She is a great people person, she knows how to bring the best out in each one of them. She is always looking for win-wins for all involved and that makes her a great community builder. I trust her assessments of situations, value her process and intelligence, welcome her ability to create cohesive teams and I will work with her every chance I get.”


Sue Adam, Sr. Business Consultant at British Telecom Global Professional Services

“Becky is one of the brightest people I have ever worked with. She has an enormous capacity for work, coupled with a maturity and insight beyond her years. Becky was always seeking to improve her own performance, as well as that of the company. She has the ability to quickly absorb a new concept by relating it to what she already knows, and then expanding the concept to its full potential. Becky excels in truly listening to people, and adapting her work and communication style to what is most effective with the individual(s) – which results in very high-performing teams. Becky is a positive, high-energy, curious professional of high integrity. I would welcome the chance to work with her again.”