How can you make the most of your marketing efforts in international markets?

In B2B companies, the answer is simple – always support the entire sales process from lead generation all the way through to the sale. International marketing needs to support any overseas distribution channels as well as direct sales from a sales force or through a company website. Marketing campaigns need to build on momentum and always drive towards the final sale.

It is surprising how often this basic marketing common sense is cast off in favor of ineffective, money-wasting programs:

  • Websites that either do not attract traffic or cannot engage with prospective customers.
  • Marketing materials that cost too much to produce and then are either soon obsolete or are missing a call-to-action.
  • Single webinars that attract attention, but then lose momentum with no follow up.
  • And culturally insensitive marketing messages that do not understand how business is done in other countries.

It is no wonder that the average marketing campaign in the United States can expect to yield a 3-5% return (US$30-50 net profit on $1000 invested). The International Entrepreneur leverages every marketing dollar, euro or RMB to generate returns between 100-300%. Also, Becky Park, CEO of The International Entrepreneur is one of the top marketing professionals in social media for international business. She is currently ranked #1 in the world on Twitter in International Business, #2 in International and #3 in Global Marketing by More importantly, Ms Park understands the role that social media can play to support the rest of a successful marketing program.

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