Scottsdale, Arizona, USA— November 16, 2014 — For the third consecutive year, Becky DeStigter, otherwise known as The International Entrepreneur, has held the top position globally on as Twitter’s top influencer in International Business and International Marketing. Using the Twitter name, @IntlEntreprenr, Ms DeStigter hosts a weekly Twitter chat featuring international trade experts under the hashtag #GlobalBizTalk. She has tweeted hundreds international tips to her followers each year. And she helps to connect B2B entrepreneurs to the right international resources.

“Twitter has been an incredible platform to reach a wide range of international professionals who are trying to assess new global market potential and manage their risks. The rules of international business are rapidly evolving. By sharing ideas and experiences, I hope to help more companies find the right markets,” says Becky DeStigter, International Business Consultant to a variety of technology companies. “Twitter has been an effective marketing channel as well. In both 2013 and 2014 half of my company’s clients came directly from this single marketing channel.”

About The International Entrepreneur

Becky DeStigter founded The International Entrepreneur LLC in Colorado in 2012. The company relocated in July 2014 to Scottsdale with the same mission – to help great technology companies located anywhere become more globally competitive. Having advised companies around the world, Ms DeStigter focuses on developing smart business strategies, delivering sound market research, and troubleshooting cross-cultural communication issues. She speaks at local, regional and national events on topics related to international business expansion. Ms DeStigter holds an MBA and a Masters in International Business from the University of Colorado Denver where she studied under renowned international entrepreneurship scholar, Dr. Manuel Serapio. She regularly writes articles for The International Entrepreneur site, as well as guest blogging for Shipping Solutions and Trade Ready of Canada.


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