The International Entrepreneur – Startup Stage Planning for International Expansion

International Business Expansion

Recently I presented and mentored at the Phoenix Startup Week, where I met many technology entrepreneurs. While most companies start expanding into international markets as part of their growth stage, there are many reasons why even the earliest startup stage company should begin planning for international as early as possible. Start With the End in […]

The International Entrepreneur – How International Expansion Affects the Rest of the Company

How International Expansion Affects the Rest of the Company

Expanding your company internationally represents both great rewards and risks. Going global can exponentially grow well past the limitations of your domestic market. But one of the greatest challenges to success can lie within the company’s structure and staff. This article is focused on how an international expansion affects the rest of the company and […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Tips to Take a Professional Services Company International

Service providers in business-to-business markets are among the most likely companies to go international early in their companys growth. It makes sense, there is no freight to ship, few trade barriers, and communication can happen over the Internet. Industries such as architecture, engineering, business consulting, law and accounting have all benefitted from global expansion. If […]