The International Entrepreneur – How to Respond to International Business Opportunities Outside Current Markets

Business Opportunities in New Countries

  Michelle looked up from her computer monitors and directly at her business partner, Brian. “Japan? Do we even know anyone in Japan? How did they find out about our company?”, asked Michelle. Only 9 months ago, Michelle and Brian had launched their software startup. Things were going better than they ever dreamed it would. […]

The International Entrepreneur: Arab Spring = Business Opportunities

I am honored to feature this blog?written by my friend and fellow international entrepreneur, Taj Almutkassi (@TajAlmutkassi). Taj is Sudanese and well versed in international marketing. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado, USA.?????? -Becky Arab countries ?Middle East and North Africa? are experiencing new era. A lot of changes are going on political, social, and […]