The International Entrepreneur ? My 2015 Top International Business Blog List

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Here are some of the best international business-focused blogs I?ve read this year: Beyond Brazil Blog from Sunny Sky Solutions ? editor & author: Gabriela Castro-Fontuora. Gaby has moved back from the north of England to her native Uruguay. She writes about all kinds of international trade and practice advice for doing business in Latin […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Interview with FITT CEO, Caroline Tompkins

Caroline Tompkins, FITT, International Trade

This week it is my honor to interview Caroline Tompkins, President & CEO of the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). For anyone unfamiliar with FITT, this organization is growing into a world standard of international trade training and certification. In a business discipline like ours that is rapidly evolving, FITT works closely with practitioners […]

The International Entrepreneur – How To Hire International-Ready Employees

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Emily sat at her desk and cringed as she opened the latest email from her Asian office general manager. She knew it would be about the latest online marketing campaign and that he wouldn’t be happy with the approach that headquarters was taking. Honestly, she just wished that her company would pass over these international […]

The International Entrepreneur – When Is English Just Not Enough?

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There’s an international travel blogger I know who makes his living by paid presentations to tourism boards around the world and reviewing cruise ships, resorts and other travel services. Not a bad life for an ex-tech entrepreneur! But one thing I always find interesting is that middle-aged Midwestern never learned to speak another language beyond […]

The International Entrepreneur – What’s Your Global Company Energy Strategy?

Last week, I spoke with a German oil and gas industry executive about the growing role that energy plays in international business. From this conversation and others, here is strategic advice around this critical topic for entrepreneurial companies in international markets: Know the Global and National Energy Issues Is your country energy an energy exporter […]

The International Entrepreneur – Cultural Tips on Canada: an Interview with International Project Consultant, Sue Adam

This week’s business culture interview focuses on Canada.?I interviewed Canadian resident and international IT project leader, Sue Adam, who??shares her insights on the Canadian business environment. Canadian entrepreneurship was one of my areas of graduate research and?so?I have added some additional notes on this subject. Canadian markets should be of particular interest to Americans since […]

The International Entrepreneur ? How to Sabotage Your Negotiations

The International Entrepreneur ? How to Sabotage Your Negotiations There are actually countless ways that you can doom your own negotiations, so this blog will focus on three ways: Overemphasize the Legal Contract Business cultures with a strong legal orientation (ex. US, Switzerland, Canada) often rely too heavily on negotiating and drafting a detailed legal […]

The International Entrepreneur: Practical Advice for Cross Cultural Teams

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The International Entrepreneur: Practical Advice for Cross Cultural Teams

A good friend of mine was recently hired into a sustainability marketing position at a U.S. company. ?Sally? is an intrapreneur (someone who brings entrepreneurial innovation and passion into a larger organization). She recently invited me out to lunch to talk about the cross-cultural team questions that have come up on the job.

The International Entrepreneur: Arbitrage, A Smart Firm?s Source of Competitive Advantage

The International Entrepreneur: Arbitrage, A Smart Firm?s Source of Competitive Advantage. There are many small and medium-sized firms that expand to the most similar markets they can find.