The International Entrepreneur ? Strategic Marketing in Latin America

Marketing Strategy in Latin America

As I write this article, I am flying over the Great Plains of North America. There is nothing like being at 35,000 feet/10,668 meters as a place to take the high-level view of marketing strategy. I was in Minneapolis speaking on ?Social Media in Latin American Markets? at the U.S. Commercial Service?s Access to Western […]

The International Entrepreneur – Valuing Translation and Interpreters

As the Latin American technology markets heat up, the rest of the world is engaging and trying to make inroads into these potentially lucrative markets. Decreased communication and travel costs combined with lower trade barriers in recent years have make it infinitely more cost effective to enter markets like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, […]

The International Entrepreneur – Technology Opportunities in Latin America (Part 3)

This is the third article in a series about the technology sector in Latin American markets. Last month, we looked at Argentina. This month, we explore the technology markets of Chile and Colombia. CHILE If you track technology industries in world markets like I do, then Chile should be a country on your tracking list. […]

The International Entrepreneur – Technology Opportunities in Latin America (Part 1)

As the European markets slow down considerably and the United States continues its painfully slow recovery, new markets with strong long-term growth potential can be found in Latin America. Companies in Europe and the US may have reduced R&D budgets considerably, while their counterparts in places like Chile and Brazil are investing heavily in technology. […]