The International Entrepreneur ?Chinese Business? Interview with Ding Zhengli and Tan Xiaoran

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Chinese business consultants, Ding Zhengli and Tan Xiaoran, who both studied in the United States and now add a cultural bridge to companies looking to expand business in China. Mr. Ding and Mr. Tan are a Principles of Global Progressive Solutions, a firm focused on global business strategy […]

The International Entrepreneur – Are Foreign Investors the Right Option for Tech Firm Growth?

This past week I developed an itinerary for a Chinese investor’s trip to the U.S. that will take place later this summer. “Helen” is someone I met five years ago in Beijing. She and her investment firm have been highly successful in China working with technology firms spinning off from Chinese state-run enterprises. Helen’s trip […]

The International Entrepreneur- China?s Talent Shortage May Become Your Issue Too

When international companies doing business in China are surveyed about their greatest operational challenges, the highest ranked issue is not protecting intellectual property or repatriating profits. For six years, #1 business issue in China is the ability to recruit and retain good employees at every level in the organization. With 1.4 billion people, you wouldn?t […]