The International Entrepreneur – How to Manage International Ignorance in Business

Mexico City ready for international trade

?Marie? has been traveling frequently between clients in Tucson and nearby Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She works with mid-sized expanding technology companies and has for many years around the globe. But Marie confessed to me that lately she is struck by the lack of interest in and understanding of Mexican markets that sit just minutes or […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Strategic Marketing in Latin America

Marketing Strategy in Latin America

As I write this article, I am flying over the Great Plains of North America. There is nothing like being at 35,000 feet/10,668 meters as a place to take the high-level view of marketing strategy. I was in Minneapolis speaking on ?Social Media in Latin American Markets? at the U.S. Commercial Service?s Access to Western […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Tips to Take a Professional Services Company International

Service providers in business-to-business markets are among the most likely companies to go international early in their companys growth. It makes sense, there is no freight to ship, few trade barriers, and communication can happen over the Internet. Industries such as architecture, engineering, business consulting, law and accounting have all benefitted from global expansion. If […]