The International Entrepreneur – When Is English Just Not Enough?

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There’s an international travel blogger I know who makes his living by paid presentations to tourism boards around the world and reviewing cruise ships, resorts and other travel services. Not a bad life for an ex-tech entrepreneur! But one thing I always find interesting is that middle-aged Midwestern never learned to speak another language beyond […]

The International Entrepreneur – Breaking Through Assumptions in Chinese Negotiations (Part 2)

In Part 1, I wrote about cultural assumptions in China. In the second half of this series, I have advice for entrepreneurs starting negotiations with their first client or partner in the Chinese market. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare One of the biggest mistakes that a company can make in international negotiations is to skip preparations. Americans […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Cultural Tips on Portugal: An Interview with Chris Szabo

This week?s interview takes us to Portugal with an English perspective from experienced on-line marketing professional, Chris Szabo. Chris is Creative Director for Navega Bem Web Design, an international company based in Madeira, Portugal that provides affordable full service digital marketing, development and web design services. Here is Chris? perspective on the Portuguese business culture: […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Cultural Tips on Brazil: an Interview with Cristina Silva

This week Cristina Silva shares her insights into Brazilian business culture. Cristina is a native of Brazil who currently lives and works in the United States. She has a Masters Degree in Translation and helps companies conduct cross-border business particularly?with Brazil and Latin America. What do you see as unique cultural characteristics of Brazilians that […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Cultural Tips on Germany: an Interview with Christian Hoeferle

The International Entrepreneur ? Cultural Tips on Germany: an Interview with Christian Hoeferle This week I am honored to interview German-American business expert and journalist, Christian Hoeferle. At the end of the interview, you will find more information about Christian?s experience as well as contact information. Here is what Christian shared about the German business […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Inside the Born-Global Firm

As many of you know from social media – last month I started a new position as the Chief Operating officer for Entrepreneur Community Online?(ECO). This company is six months old and already has customers on five continents and in fourteen countries. Its evolution as a company is rapid, but its mission is clear: To […]

The International Entrepreneur – How to Work with an American Employee

Recently I spoke with an American friend, Susan who survived the layoff rounds at her company to find herself now reporting to a manager in India. She is the first US-based person in her multinational company to report to an India-based boss and the experience has been a mix of positive and negative. On the […]