The International Entrepreneur – How To Hire International-Ready Employees

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Emily sat at her desk and cringed as she opened the latest email from her Asian office general manager. She knew it would be about the latest online marketing campaign and that he wouldn’t be happy with the approach that headquarters was taking. Honestly, she just wished that her company would pass over these international […]

The International Entrepreneur – Keeping America’s Global Competitiveness

This week I am focusing on globalization at a national level. To be honest, I am concerned about my country’s sustained ability to globally compete. That probably sounds a bit drastic given that I live in the United States and we have the largest economy of the world. The U.S. is home to top universities […]

The International Entrepreneur – Cultural Tips on Canada: an Interview with International Project Consultant, Sue Adam

This week’s business culture interview focuses on Canada.?I interviewed Canadian resident and international IT project leader, Sue Adam, who??shares her insights on the Canadian business environment. Canadian entrepreneurship was one of my areas of graduate research and?so?I have added some additional notes on this subject. Canadian markets should be of particular interest to Americans since […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Leading a Multicultural Team

The International Entrepreneur ? Leading a Multicultural Team As entrepreneurs, we are told that the skills and experience of our core team members determines our ability to capitalize as well as succeed in our new ventures. We are also told that it is vital to have diversity. This week?s blog is about leadership style, which […]