The International Entrepreneur – How to Respond to International Business Opportunities Outside Current Markets

Business Opportunities in New Countries

  Michelle looked up from her computer monitors and directly at her business partner, Brian. “Japan? Do we even know anyone in Japan? How did they find out about our company?”, asked Michelle. Only 9 months ago, Michelle and Brian had launched their software startup. Things were going better than they ever dreamed it would. […]

The International Entrepreneur ? 9 Signs You Need International Resource Backup

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The reality is this: No one knows everything there is to know about international trade. There are 180+ sovereign countries, 3,000+ languages, local regulations and business practices, and countless other details that affect doing business. We may not know it all, but we can strengthen our knowledge, positioning and outcomes by shoring up weaknesses in […]

The International Entrepreneur – 5 Smart Ideas for Protecting IP in International Markets

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  How important is your intellectual property, your company and brand names, creative outputs, inventions and trade secrets? Most company leaders consider these aspects to be the most critical for long-term success. I have also heard many business leaders shy away from international expansion because of IP theft fears. To be clear, any valuable intellectual […]

The International Entrepreneur – International Expansion: Organic or Acquisition?

You may be asking yourself if your approach to international expansion is the right one. Should you grow organically by the strength of expanded international sales? Or would the right company acquisition in the local market be a shortcut that provides instant market access? As with most questions in international business, the answer is:it depends. […]

The International Entrepreneur ?Chinese Business? Interview with Bijan Bewley

Today I have the privilege of interviewing American Bijan Bewley, who recently spent a year living, working and studying in Beijing. Mr. Bewley is a Principle of Global Progressive Solutions, a firm focused on global business strategy with particular concentration on entering and succeeding in the Chinese market. The International Entrepreneur (TIE): Having lived and […]

The International Entrepreneur ? The Growing Sophistication of Chinese Markets

It is difficult to find a market that is not significantly impacted by the Chinese market. Market growth rates regularly top 30% annually. In the healthcare market alone, McKinsey Quarterly is estimating that 2011?s Chinese spending of US$357 billion will grow past US$1 trillion by 2020. There are several reasons for this staggering estimated growth […]

The International Entrepreneur- China?s Talent Shortage May Become Your Issue Too

When international companies doing business in China are surveyed about their greatest operational challenges, the highest ranked issue is not protecting intellectual property or repatriating profits. For six years, #1 business issue in China is the ability to recruit and retain good employees at every level in the organization. With 1.4 billion people, you wouldn?t […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Balancing Market Opportunities in China with IP Piracy Risks

I wish this wasn?t a common tale? an American company goes to their first international industry trade show and meets Chinese companies offering to represent their products in the Chinese market. For many industries, China?s large and growing market is a tempting one. And setting up distributorships may seem like an obvious first step. Wrong. […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Overseas Distributors: Strategic Partners or Big Mistake?

The International Entrepreneur ? Overseas Distributors: Strategic Partners or Big Mistake? Many young internationalizing companies ask: should we use local distributors in overseas markets or enter markets directly? As with most questions in international business, the answer is? it depends. Here are some guidelines to making this key strategic decision. Knowing the Local Market One […]