The International Entrepreneur – Improving Employee Engagement in Your Global Workforce

Improving Employee Engagement in your Global Workforce

I knew from the way that Pedro in the Mexico City office answered the phone that something had turned for the worst. Pedro’s voice sounded low and muffled – preoccupied and low energy compared with our recent interactions. Pedro and his colleagues had recently been missing key details in our shared projects. They just seemed […]

The International Entrepreneur – How to Globalize Your Business Networking Style

international business networking

Sam stood at the back of the room taking stock of the evening’s networking event. As a Business Development Manager from Kansas, this was his first international industry trade show and he wanted to make the most of it. But the more he tried to appear friendly and helpful, the less that people seemed to […]

The International Entrepreneur -Following a Shifting Set of Rules

As an American coming from a culture that appreciates the structure and stability that our legal system often gives, sometimes it’s challenging to understand and accept the constant changing landscape of international business. Regulations on the local, regional and national levels can change depending on the political climate. Currencies fluctuate. Markets expectations change over time. […]

The International Entrepreneur – Best Practices for Entering American Business Markets

American businesses buy trillions of dollars’ worth of products and services every year. If your company is not American but is looking for a piece of that marketplace, what are the best ways to break in to the American market? Balancing Money vs. Time Ideally we would all have limitless capital resources. If that were […]

The International Entrepreneur – American Tech Industries’ Global Paradigm

Every technical and scientific entrepreneur dreams of the day when they discover a disruptive technology that will change the world. Maybe you are even one of the lucky few for whom this has happened. But a lengthening list of great inventors learned the hard lessons of actually growing a company. Today, I talk about one […]

The International Entrepreneur – Technology Opportunities in Latin America (Part 1)

As the European markets slow down considerably and the United States continues its painfully slow recovery, new markets with strong long-term growth potential can be found in Latin America. Companies in Europe and the US may have reduced R&D budgets considerably, while their counterparts in places like Chile and Brazil are investing heavily in technology. […]

The International Entrepreneur – Leveraging American Business Strengths in International Negotiations

Americans have been active in international business since before the United States was founded. As a people, there are several of our business cultural characteristics that we can leverage for better outcomes in international negotiations. Here are some traits to use to your advantage: Friendly and Open Most Americans doing business internationally use friendliness as […]

The International Entrepreneur – Secrets to Doing Business with Americans

In world markets, Americans are known as being extraordinarily friendly and open. They move forward quickly on partnerships and projects. And sometimes Americans skip important steps that more methodical business cultures would not normally miss. For those entrepreneurs in more than one hundred countries who read my blog, this article is for you. I hope […]

The International Entrepreneur – Cultural Tips on Brazil: an Interview with Cristina Silva

This week Cristina Silva shares her insights into Brazilian business culture. Cristina is a native of Brazil who currently lives and works in the United States. She has a Masters Degree in Translation and helps companies conduct cross-border business particularly with Brazil and Latin America. What do you see as unique cultural characteristics of Brazilians […]

The International Entrepreneur ? Young CEOs: Overcoming Age Discrimination in Global Markets

The International Entrepreneur ? Young CEOs: Overcoming Age Discrimination in Global Markets In countries like Australia and the United States, entrepreneurial success can come at any age. But many business cultures associate age with experience and responsibility. This week?s question is: how does a successful entrepreneur bridge the age gap and be taken seriously in […]