The International Entrepreneur – How to Manage International Ignorance in Business

Mexico City ready for international trade

Marie has been traveling frequently between clients in Tucson and nearby Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She works with mid-sized expanding technology companies and has for many years around the globe. But Marie confessed to me that lately she is struck by the lack of interest in and understanding of Mexican markets that sit just minutes or […]

The International Entrepreneur- Balancing Market Opportunities in China with IP Piracy Risks

I wish this wasn’t a common tale: an American company goes to their first international industry trade show and meets Chinese companies offering to represent their products in the Chinese market. For many industries, China’s large and growing market is a tempting one. And setting up distributorships may seem like an obvious first step. Wrong. […]

The International Entrepreneur – Cultural Tips on Sudan: An Interview with Sudanese native Tajelsir Almutkassi

This week’s cultural tips on Sudan come to us from international business expert, Tajelsir Almutkassi. Taj originally is from Sudan’s capital of Khartoum. Taj has an American MBA and specializes in marketing. While Taj has worked in various parts of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, he currently works and lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. […]