I am honored to feature this blog?written by my friend and fellow international entrepreneur, Taj Almutkassi (@TajAlmutkassi). Taj is Sudanese and well versed in international marketing. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado, USA.?????? -Becky

Arab countries ?Middle East and North Africa? are experiencing new era. A lot of changes are going on political, social, and in economic fabric. Take Libya as an example; death of Gaddafi all over the news.

What that means for entrepreneurs, small & big businesses?? After 42 years in power, Gaddafi left Libya ?one of the richest countries on the world- in miserable condition. People of Libya are very happy to get rid of Gaddafi and have their country back, but they inherited a broke country. And this is where the opportunities are.

Libya needs help in every and each aspect of life, infrastructure, education, research and development, health, consumable goods, .. you name it.

As it inherited tons of problems, the new government inherited tons of money. Some European countries already got their share ?billions of dollars? on big government projects. USA officials did several visits.

Why are you waiting? Whatever is your business is, start now. If the US market saturated, Libya?s market is widely open, safe investment, quick return, and virgin market starving to death for American goods and services.

Do your homework now, do your search, instead of spending your summer this year in Hawaii or Mexico, book a ticket to Libya and start your business.

Taj Almutkassi