International Trade Experts on Twitter 2016

It’s been 6+ years sharing and trading advice on international trade from those involved on the ground.?We have held weekly conversation on #GlobalBizTalk.

For 2016, here are my recommended Twitter Follows in the field of International Business:

@HoeferleChristian Hoeferle is an international business consultant and cross-cultural expert. Currently based?in Tennessee, he hails from southern Germany. Definitely read his blog, The Culture Mastery.

@edbmarsh ? Best B2B international marketing & sales expert I?ve found, Ed Marsh is a prolific writer on a variety of international business topics. His blog at Consilium Global Business Advisors is a must read.

@DavidMarkNoah ? David Noah is the founder of Intermart, Inc. which makes export management software. David has collected a strong set of blogging experts on his site, Shipping Solutions. Definitely worth?combing through for content. Some of the best articles are in areas of international logistics and finance.

@jht4x4?? John Treleaven is a former Canadian ambassador turned international business consultant, currently based in the Vancouver area. He is highly opinionated on international trade policies but I rarely ever think he?s wrong.

@shull? – Sean Hull is a senior level IT project manager who has led multinational projects around the world. When not on international assignment, he can normally be found in either Washington DC or Columbus, Ohio.

@uklatinamerica?? Gabriela Castro-Fontuora?has lived in the UK and is currently based in her native Uruguay. She is a great resource for anyone needing market research or marketing campaigns focused on Latin America or Europe. Gaby also writes extensively on international marketing and Latin American markets on her blog: SunnySkySolutions.

@introcasoEmiliano Introcaso is the National Program Director for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME). This organization puts out a lot of content as webcasts and articles as part of their Export Success Program.

@SandraCravero?? Sandra Cravero is in translation and is based in ?Argentina. Follow her tweets and you’ll know why a great translator is worth their weight in gold.

@dirkhinze Dirk Hinze is a world-class professional international communicator. He is currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland and is a leader in IABC Switzerland.

@VerbaccinoKathrin Bussmann from Toronto is relatively new in international marketing social media circles, but is quickly making a name for herself as a great Twitter and producer of great international marketing podcast interviews on the Verbaccino site.

@LarsLinLars Lin is based in Copenhagen, but has been involved extensively with tech projects around the world.

@NatalyKellyNataly Kelly is the VP of International Operations and Strategy at Boston-based Hubspot. Before Hubspot, Nataly was VP Marketing at Smartling, a translation automation software company.?

@EricSnethkampEric Snethkamp focuses on international payroll and human resources. His background includes international recruitment firms.?He is based in Austin, Texas, USA and develops new strategic partnerships for Safeguard World International.

@arlenemarom ? You’ve heard of Super Connectors: people who seem to know everyone and connect them with the right resources? Arlene Marom is a Super Connector in international trade. She is well connected in her home market of?Israel, as well as in Europe and the U.S. Arlene specializes in helping tech entrepreneurs with marketing. Her blog & company: Tech River.

@FITTNews ? Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is a forward-leaning non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Canada. FITT also gathers great bloggers to its site. Watch for FITT to continue growing as?the world standard in international trade training & certification. FITT is also hosts a blog of international trade experts from around the world at TradeReady.

@globethoughts??Doug Taylor has been tweeting international business news and insights for years.?He has the pulse of international trade in Canada and abroad.

@MLeitzmannMatthias Leitzmann is the International Channel & Business Development Director for VXi Corporation. He tweets on a variety of international trade, manufacturing and logistics topics.

While I’ve described some of the great international business tweeters, there are many more. Here are more great resources if you’re looking to expand your international business knowledge and contacts:



























Thank you, Everyone, for your excellent content. Please keep Tweeting!

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