international trade, top blogs, international strategyHere are some of the best international business-focused blogs I?ve read this year:

Beyond Brazil Blog from Sunny Sky Solutions ? editor & author: Gabriela Castro-Fontuora. Gaby has moved back from the north of England to her native Uruguay. She writes about all kinds of international trade and practice advice for doing business in Latin America.

Consilium Global Business Advisors ? editor & primary author: Ed Marsh. Ed focuses on B2B international sales and marketing particularly for manufacturing and financial sectors. Ed cuts right to great practical information.

The Culture Mastery ? editor & author: Christian Hoeferle. Christian does an excellent job bringing cross-cultural communications to the surface. His blog includes both articles and podcasts. Originally from southern Germany and now living in Tennessee U.S.A., Christian navigates effortlessly between many cultures.

GlobalEdge ? editor: Michigan State University. MSU?s GlobalEdge program has been generating quality global business blogs on a variety of topics for many years. A search will find you almost anything.

Professor Michael Czinkota?s Blog. Dr. Czinkota is an international business professor at Georgetown University. A prolific writer, he has a strong focus on strategy. Dr. Czinkota is that rare academic who has a keen understanding of the business world.

Shipping Solutions International Trade Blog ? editor: David Noah. David has assembled a great group of international trade experts, with special focus on trade logistics and finance. Pay particular attention to articles from Mr. Noah and also Roy Becker.

Trade Ready ? editor: FITT marketing team. The Forum for International Trade Training based in Ottawa, Canada is quickly gaining its own international foothold in international trade certification and training. This blog has assembled a savvy group of international trade experts.

Tradeology ? editor: International Trade Administration. If you?re an American doing business internationally, the ITA has a great site particularly for updated trade agreement information and opportunities. Use the search function to find your industry.

Now it?s your turn. If you feel that my list has missed an important blog that is worthy of mention, please tell us in a comment below. My only rule is that you cannot recommend your own blog (if it?s a good one, then others should be recommending it for you anyway). Happy reading!