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2 months ago

Does Discover card have foreign transaction fee?

When planning a trip abroad, it’s important to consider the fees associated with using your credit card in another country. A foreign transaction fee is typically charged every time you make a purchase outside of your home country. These fees can quickly add up and impact your travel budget. Let’s learn whether there is a Discover foreign transaction fee and discuss Discover card benefits offered for international travelers (you can also Cash App and PayPal for these purposes: learn what is better!).

Discover Credit Card – Unlocking a World of Benefits

Discover is more than just a credit card brand (Discover debit card is also available); it’s an innovative financial tool that offers various benefits to its users. With the introduction of Cashback Bonus, no annual fees, and higher-than-normal credit limits, Discover revolutionized the industry when it was launched in 1985 by Sears. Numerous things make Discover stand out from other credit cards, helping to manage your finances effectively.

From retirement planning to personal loans, Discover has got you covered.

Retirement Accounts for Secure Futures

Planning for retirement? Discover Bank provides traditional and Roth IRA accounts as well as IRA CDs (Certificates of Deposit). These options allow you to invest wisely while enjoying tax advantages on qualified withdrawals later in life.

Student Loans – Empowering Your Educational Journey

If higher education lies ahead or you’re helping someone else with their studies, Discover offers both variable and fixed-rate student loans with competitive interest rates ranging from 5.49% to 15.12%. Get the funds necessary without breaking the bank!

Personal Loans – Tailored Solutions for Life’s Expenses

Need extra cash? Whether it’s home renovations, medical costs, or debt consolidation, Discover can provide personal loans up to $35,000! With interest rates between 6.99% and 24%, they offer flexible terms so you can find a solution that fits your budget.

Home Loans – Unlocking Opportunities in Real Estate

Looking into buying a new property or refinancing an existing mortgage? Explore home equity loans and mortgage refinances offered by Discover Bank! Benefit from APRs ranging from 5.:99% to 7:24%.

Financial Education at Your Fingertips

Discover understands the importance of financial literacy; hence, they publish the Modern Money blog on topics such as saving strategies, budgeting tips, retirement planning, family finances, and banking 101. Take advantage of these educational resources to make informed financial decisions.

Discover Bank Platform and Customer Support

Accessing your accounts has never been easier with Discover’s mobile app and online platform (take a look at some types of bank accounts here). Deposit checks, locate ATMs, pay bills, and transfer money between accounts, all from the convenience of your smartphone! The app even allows you to temporarily freeze a Discover debit card if needed – no more worrying about unauthorized transactions!

If you ever need assistance or have questions regarding your account, Discover offers around-the-clock customer support via phone. Friendly representatives are available every day of the year because they understand that life doesn’t adhere to office hours.

Pros and Cons of Discover Bank

Let’s take a quick look at some pros and cons associated with banking through Discover:


  • Generous APY on savings & CDs – Earn industry-leading interest rates up to 3.30% for savings accounts and up to 4.30% for CDs.
  • Cashback checking account – Enjoy cash rewards while managing everyday expenses.
  • Minimal fees – Most accounts come without maintenance fees or additional charges like insufficient funds or stop payment fees.


  • Limited account options – For individuals seeking diverse options within one bank, this may not be ideal as only one type each is offered for checking/savings/money market accounts.
  • No brick-and-mortar branches – If face-to-face interaction is important for you in handling financial matters, you won’t find physical branches except their headquarters in Riverwoods, Illinois.

Understanding Foreign Transaction Fees

So, what are Discover card international fees? Foreign transaction fees (they are also called Discover card international fees) are charges imposed by credit card companies when their cards are used internationally or for transactions made in currencies other than that of the account holder’s home currency.

Most credit cards charge around 1% to 3% as a foreign transaction fee, which may seem small initially but can significantly affect your overall expenses during an entire trip.

One key advantage offered by Discover cards is that they do not impose any specific charge for using their card worldwide. So, there is no Discover foreign transaction fee.

Discover Card Benefits for International Travelers

So, we have briefly explained Discover international fees. Apart from the absence of the Discover foreign transaction fee, there are other advantages offered by Discovery Cards while traveling abroad.

  • Wide acceptance: The acceptance rate of Discover cards has increased globally over recent years due to partnerships with major payment networks such as UnionPay and Diners Club International.
  • Competitive exchange rates: When making purchases in different currencies, exchange rates play an essential role in determining costs; however, Discover provides competitive exchange rates.

As you can see, the absence of Discover card foreign transaction fees, as well as other benefits, make Discover a top choice.

Types of Discover Cards Available

To cater to various financial needs and preferences, Discover offers several types of debit and credit cards suitable for both domestic use and international travel purposes. Of course, the absence of Discover international fees makes using them even more pleasant. So, what exactly are types of Discover cards?

  • Cashback credit cards: These reward-based credit cards provide cashback on every purchase, making them ideal for frequent travelers who wish to earn rewards while spending.
  • Discover travel cards (credit cards): These cards offer additional perks, such as travel insurance coverage and airport lounge access.

Discover Card Abroad: Other Fees

Take a look at some other costs that may be involved when using your Discover card overseas.

ATM Fee – Finding fee-free options

When traveling abroad, accessing cash is essential for many travelers. While some ATMs may offer fee-free withdrawals for Discover cards, others might charge additional fees. To avoid surprises, use Discover’s ATM finder tool before your trip to locate machines that offer fee-free transactions within their extended network.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – Choose local currency

Another factor to consider when using credit cards abroad is dynamic currency conversion (DCC). Sometimes, merchants or ATMs will ask if you want your purchase or withdrawal processed in USD instead of the local currency.

Although choosing USD might seem convenient at first glance, it can result in unfavorable exchange rates due to DCC. Always opt to pay in the local currency to avoid unnecessary fees.

Other Discover Fees – Understand potential costs

Aside from foreign transaction fees and DCC concerns while traveling internationally with a Discover card, there are other general charges you should be aware of:

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): Depending on which specific card you choose from Discovery’s offerings, APRs range between an initial period rate of 0% up to approximately 22%. Ensure understanding of these details based on your chosen plan.
  • Balance transfer fee: Typically set at around 5% of the transferred amount.
  • Cash advance fee: Usually calculated as either $10 or roughly equaling around %5 percent per advance made.
  • Late payment fee: After one free late payment, subsequent late payments may incur fees of up to $40.
  • Returned payment fee: Similar to the late payment fee, a returned payment can result in charges of up to $40.

Remember that these fees are subject to change. Always review your specific card’s terms and conditions for the most accurate information.

Using Discover Abroad: What You Need to Know

Discover may be a popular credit card in the United States, but its international reach is not as extensive as Visa and Mastercard. American Express also tends to have wider acceptance worldwide. Before jetting off on your next trip, make sure to research how widely accepted Discover cards are in the country you’re visiting.

Thankfully, there’s an online tool provided by Discover that can help answer this very question for you! By using their tool, you will find out where exactly your card can be used based on specific logos displayed at merchants’ or ATMs’ of partner banks.

It’s worth noting that merchant acceptance varies from country to country. For example:

  1. Japan: If traveling here, keep an eye out for either the Discover logo or the JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) logo – both indicate high acceptance rates.
  2. UK: Look for either the Discover or Diners Club logo while exploring Great Britain; however, do note that merchant acceptance is still expanding.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know more about a Discover card foreign transaction fee. Remember: do some additional research before your trip – this way, you won’t have any surprises during your travels!

And don’t forget – aside from potential merchant surcharges outside America (which apply regardless of whether we swipe our favorite plastic friend called “Discover” at Point-Of-Sale locations); there aren’t any pesky hidden foreign transaction fees waiting around every corner when using a debit/credit Discover travel card overseas!

So go ahead and enjoy exploring new destinations worry-free with your trusty Discover Card by your side!